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Innova tracks flavor innovation and trends, covering full launch ranges. From familiar flavors to limited editions and unexpected mashups. Learn from what’s happening in the market to quickly establish the right profile for your launch.

Take inspiration from the flavor strategies of different brands. Use findings from Innova’s global flavor survey to spot regional preferences and the flavors consumers associate with different needs and moods.

A world of flavor insights in one place

New Products Database

Track thousands of flavors. Benefit from the level of detail required to carry out granular level analysis based on solid data.

Flavor Genius

Use this Innova Dashboard to quickly and easily bring together research relevant to your innovation, presented with clarity and ready to share.


From the macro level of Innova’s annual Top Ten Flavor Trends to the detail of our insider series, expert reports keep you constantly up to date.


Innova’s analysts work with branded manufacturers and flavor specialists like you to tailor research to your specific needs.

Accelerate your innovation journey now



Establish the flavor mainstays and disruptors. Understand the broader influences shaping taste trends.


Build a flavor strategy that fits your brand, based on Innova’s detailed consumer and market insights.


Identify leading flavors and options to help your new offering stand out. Appeal to your target audience and create a buzz at launch.

Be Inspired

Maximize your flavor insights with a taste of recent innovations that are meeting the varied demands of consumers.

Gen-Z in a café having coffee
  • Consumer
  • Gen Z
Gen Z Trends
Explore the latest Gen Z trends, including sustainable & ethical choices and flavors for mental health support ...
Tea blend in a mortar and pestle with pots and cups of black tea
  • Coffee
  • Flavor
  • Tea
Coffee and Tea Trends
The hot coffee and tea sector is witnessing shifts in flavor trends, driven by consumer interests in innovative combinations ...
Variety of salty snacks like chips, pretzels, nachos, popcorn, biscuits and cheese crackers
  • Flavors
  • Snack
Favored flavors for snack success
As consumers look for both hunger satisfaction and indulgence, snacks that invoke positive, calming emotions ...

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